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Strategic websites for crazy-smart business owners done with playing small.


"But wait! Can't my business still grow without a bold, brilliant website?" It might. But can your existing (or non-existent) site…

Mockup of Darra Goldstein's website by Camille Farey Design
  • Turn your referrals into ravenous customers and fans who don’t need an hour-long sales call before clicking “buy now”

  • Help you push past your current earnings plateau into an incredible new level of passion-fuelled profitability?

  • Make you unmistakeable in your industry, and set you up to be the go-to expert in your niche?


In 99.9% of cases, the answer is…


Don't worry. That's exactly why I'm here.

You already have a successful business you love.

(A business that’s making money, and raking in word-of-mouth referrals.)

You deserve a website that pushes you forward — instead of holding you back from doing more, saying more, and selling more.

That’s what I do, and that’s what I love.


I believe...
  • Sales should feel easy, not sleazy. Your website should be your 24/7 salesperson without sounding like an infomercial — so you don’t waste time on calls and proposals that go nowhere.

  • Clarity is captivating. Knowing exactly WHO you are, WHO you serve, and WHY is the bedrock of the most effective brand strategy on the planet.

  • "Pretty" doesn't profit. Over-designed websites don’t usually profit. Deliberately designed, delightfully thoughtful websites do. (And the breathtaking beauty is just a side effect).

Website mockup of Laura Yost Photography by Camille Farey Design
Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

How it works

Here’s a peek the 6-step process that’ll transform your website from “bootstrapped” to breathtaking



Strategy Intensive

It all starts with strategy. To kick off your project, you and I will dig into who you are, where you are in your business, and where you want to be. We'll also dig into who your clients are, and what they need right now. Then: we’ll build your roadmap.


Captivating Content

Have copy, photos, and branding that converts? Great. Need help? My collaborators and I have you covered. From there, we’ll structure your website around your content and customer journey, so you’re not just seen as the best solution — you’re seen as the only solution.


10-Day Design Sprint

We’ll combine your copy, photos, and branding to build and launch a stunning, strategy-focused site from scratch. Thanks to our finely-tuned design process, you’ll get a site that increases your earnings and impact in just 10 days.


Live Revisions

Once your initial site is built, you and I will meet over video chat to review each page and tweak the details in real time. Say goodbye to weeks of back-and-forth emails and hello to streamlined, stress-free collaboration.


Training and Launch!

On launch day, I’ll hand over the final files and host a 60-minute training session to teach you how to use your new site. Then, it’s time to celebrate on social media!


Ongoing Support

After your site is live, I won’t leave you in the lurch. Every project comes with 30 days of complimentary support by email. I also offer ongoing monthly retainer packages.

Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design
In the end...

You won’t just have a crystal clear website that…

  • Attracts more customers

  • Makes more sales

  • Builds your standing as an expert

…You’ll have a platform that capitalizes on the talents and gifts you’ve already got; so it feels exciting and easy to get to your “next level” of business.



darra pages.jpg

But what does that really look like?

Here’s what some past clients say…

Ron Clifford

“Cami took me from website shame to ‘man, I’m proud to send you there!’ And the stats back it up: I saw my email opt-ins increase by 43% and my website visits increase by 300%!”


Laura Yost

"I never thought I'd be able to pay my rent doing what I love, but I can. I had 30 shoots this month! 30! How did that happen? My new website is what happened."


Maggie McElroy

"Before hiring Cami, I didn't want to show my website because of embarrassment. Today, I'm happily sharing my site - it feels awesome!"


Melonie Collmann

"My main hesitation about hiring a web designer was the cost, but the risk was worth it. What Cami created goes far beyond a website."

— MELONIe collmann

Kara Festa

“My new site has given me so much confidence. I feel good about sending people there and charging a healthy coaching fee because it now reflects my level of expertise.”


Hari-kirtana das

"I can't believe I have a website that looks this good. Cami exceeded my expectations with such regularity that the challenge in telling my colleagues about her is in telling them how much they'll get without ruining the surprise."




Got burning questions? Ask away! Click on a question below to expand.


+ I already make money in my business, and most of my clients are word-of-mouth. Do I even need a website?

The short answer is: Absolutely yes.

The longer answer: If your business is largely built on word-of-mouth, this is exactly the right time for a strategically stunning new website. It means you already have warm leads googling your name, and typing in your URL to find your site, learn more about you, and see if there’s a spark of connection. (And this is half the battle, really!)

With an outdated, or non existent website, you could be losing warm leads like crazy. But with a clear, captivating site, you can capitalize on every opportunity, and convert even the most shy, hesitant potential customer into an eager buyer without lifting a finger.

+Why invest in a web designer? Couldn’t I do it myself, or hire someone for cheap off Upwork?

There’s s a myth in the industry that creating websites is cheap and easy. This is untrue.

Can you DIY your own website? Absolutely. But it’s not easy, and it's not free. In fact, it will likely take close to 100 hours of your time. Based on your current rate, how much is that really costing you to create a website you probably won’t be happy with in the end?

Can you hire someone off Fiverr or Upwork on the cheap? Sure. However, many of those designers are simply that: designers. They’re not bringing in-depth knowledge of strategy and marketing and tech and web design all blended together to ensure the absolute best results.

This isn’t just an investment in a website — it’s an investment in the future of your business.

Oh, and here’s the best part: You can make your money back insanely quickly with a website that’s a great sales machine.

So ask yourself: What’s one high-ticket client worth for you? How many of those clients would you need to get in the door to make your money back? With a website that builds trust and credibility, those clients will be banging down your door in no time.

+How much will my website cost? Is there a payment plan?

Every website is unique, but here's the nitty-gritty of what the "starting at" price includes:

Web design + strategy: $10,000

  • x1 60-minute strategy call to plan your site
  • Web design for the 5 most important pages of your site (home, about, work with me, blog, contact)
  • List-building essentials (x1 main email capture form, a "thank you for subscribing" page, and integration with your mailing list provider)
  • All the techy essentials (set up for your domain name, professional email, and Google Analytics, as needed)
  • 60-minute training session
  • 30 days of follow up support

Need something that's not included in the core package? Let's discuss! Some common add-ons include:

  • Portfolio page
  • Events calendar
  • Long-form sales page
  • Stock photo curation
  • Convertkit or MailChimp set-up
  • Dubsado set-up
  • Acuity scheduling set-up

Payment plans

  • $10,000 pay in full
  • 3 payments of $3,500

+I barely have time to eat lunch, let alone build a website. Why should I do this?

I have a counter question: How long have you been repeating that “I’m too busy!” line to yourself, and how long have you stayed in exactly the same spot you’re in now?

The truth is, there’s never a “perfect” time to begin a rebrand, or start a new website. And for most successful businesses with website shame, the right time for a new website is… yesterday.

A website is an investment built and last to grow with you and your dreams. That’s why all of my sites opt for timelessness over trends, and are built using tools tools that are powerful and flexible for entrepreneurs at every stage of tech know-how.

+ How long will my website take?

We build and launch your site during a laser-focused sprint, but before then we work to meticulously plan your site and create high-converting content.

So, our timeline will depend on a few things: how far in advance you book, the scope of work, and how much new content needs to be created.

To get the best results, I recommend booking your project at least 3-4 months before you want to launch your site.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Fill out the contact form on this page
  2. Meet me for a 30-minute call
  3. Pick a design start date and make an initial payment to secure your spot

+ What if this doesn’t work for me? I’ve had bad experiences with designers and/or developers in the past…

Sending hugs! I’ve heard the horror stories about designers and developers who ghosted, ran away with passwords, or built sites so confusing their clients can barely use them.

That’s not my style. Throughout the whole process, I’ll communicate regularly via email, phone, and video chats. I’m here as your partner and sounding board, and I have zero interest in running away with your site.

On the contrary, I want to make sure you have full control, including access to all the tools and knowledge for making edits.

+ I’m a total technophobe. Should I even have a website if I won’t know how to edit it?

Fear not, tech-averse! Depending on what's best for your business, here are the tools I use:

  • WordPress and Beaver Builder
  • Squarespace

These tools are created to be utterly easy and intuitive, no matter how uncomfy you are with the back end of your website.

Still a bit freaked out? Consider this: If you owned a brick and mortar store, you’d want to know how the security system works, right? You’d want to know how to lock up for the night, and open in the morning. That’s because that knowledge empowers you. Understanding how things work = control and clarity.

That’s why every client receives an hour training session and a month of follow-up support after site launch to make sure you understand the inner workings of your site -- including how to make changes to images, text, and more. I also offer packages for ongoing support and maintenance.

+ I’m a little afraid of being seen. What if I come off as being pushy, salesy, or arrogant on my website?

A website shouldn’t trick customers into hiring you. It should show off the absolute best of who you are, and turn up the volume on your gifts a bit, so your right people can find you, fall in love with you, and hire you.

I heard a great interview with Chris Ducker recently where he was talking about "people-to-people" being the future of marketing and online business.

He brought up the fact that something ~90% of search traffic will be going to video content by 2020.

Why? Because people are hungry to connect with other people.

As a business owner, you've got to step up and out as the face of your company. It’s not pushy or arrogant. It's one of the most important things you can do for your audience.


Aimee Mockup by Camille Farey Design.jpg

Who Am I?

I’m Cami, and I'm on a mission to help whip-smart business owners like you swap out their outdated or barely-there websites for a digital presence that reaps dazzling rewards (and results).

Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

With a blend of strategy and thoughtful design, my team of collaborators and I create smart, streamlined websites.

We capitalize on your gifts, talents, and existing clientele, so you can stop leaving money and opportunities on the table, and start attracting more revenue, raving fans, and awesome opportunities.

That means I’ve had the honor of transforming the businesses of influencers, creatives, retreat leaders, consultants,  authors of 17+ cookbooks, award-winning photographers, speakers, and so much more.

Ready to become my next success story?

Click here and let’s get the ball rolling.


My perfect clients are…

  • Service-based business owners and personal brands who have clients and customers who love them. Coaches, consultants, photographers, bookkeepers, speakers, and authors, you’re my people.

  • Open to letting someone “inside” the beating heart of your business in a way that goes deeper than “what colors or fonts should we use?”

  • Ready to partner with a designer and strategist they don’t have to micromanage, who can confidently nail the results you’re after.

  • Willing to collaborate, meet deadlines, and trust the process. I won’t run away on you — but you shouldn’t run off on me either!


Ready to get your web design project started?
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