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Meet Seema, a life coach who wanted a beautifully-designed website that felt unique to her personality.

About the project:

Seema is a life coach who had spent hours DIY-ing her website and still wasn't happy with the results. Together we created custom brand elements and a Squarespace website that's easy to use and unique to her personality. 

About the design process:

Step 1: gather inspiration. To start, Seema created a private Pinterest board full of images that she loved and wrote captions to explain why she was drawn to those images.

Step 2: create a moodboard. Looking at Seema's Pinterest board, I was immediately inspired by her choice of vivid colors and Indian-inspired textures. Based on Seema's Pinterest board, I created a moodboard to set the overall tone of her brand and website. Check it out here:


Step 3: brand design. Using Seema's moodboard as a guide, I created custom brand elements to perfectly reflect her personality online. These included a site-wide banner image, website browser icon, graphics, and page separators. Here are the results:


Step 4: web design. Next, I combined Seema's brand elements to create a beautiful, intuitive website designed to help position Seema as an expert in her field, as well as help her boost client inquiries.

Step 5: training. Seema was already familiar with Squarespace, so we used that platform to create a site that's easy for her to maintain and update. After launch, we met for a 60-minute training session, where I showed Seema how to use and update every element of her new website.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 3.39.55 PM.png

“Before hiring Cami, I spent so much time and effort on my site – and still felt like I had nothing to show. Now, I love the colors, fonts, and layout of my site. She’s a miracle! These days, Cami is my number one recommendation for all things web related.”


Who am I?

I’m Cami, and I'm on a mission to help “real deal” entrepreneurs like you swap out their outdated or barely-there websites for a digital presence that reaps dazzling rewards (and results).

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of changing the game for award-winning photographers, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and so many more.

Interested in adding your brilliance to that list? Our work together can start today: