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Meet Laura, a multi-media artist who is using her website to apply for grants and residencies. Here's the story of our work together.

Cami: Why did you decide to redesign your website? 

Laura: Before working together, I was mostly using Instagram to promote my work and I didn't feel like it was professional enough or helping me move forward. I want to be creatively fulfilled as an artist and apply for grants and residencies. I knew Instagram alone wasn't going to be enough. 

Cami: Did you have any doubts?

Laura: I was worried about hiring a web designer because of the cost and the feeling that I could probably do it myself if I tried hard enough. 

Cami: You're such a multi-talented artist. What media do you work in?

Laura: I have so many varied interests. I'm a photographer, choreographer, dancer, curator, filmmaker, and musician. Recently I've also been working in neon and exploring taxidermy. Collaboration is an important part of my work and I'm a member of the Aver Art Collective here in San Francisco. 




 From my perspective, these varied interests made for a fun web design challenge. I wanted the site to present the full spectrum of your work, but also be cohesive. 

Yes! Taking all of my art practices and crafting a cohesive story so that I can be hired to make more art was really important to me. It really helped to have you as a partner to edit my work and create a streamlined container for all my chaos!

What was your favorite part of working together?

You were very flexible with scheduling and worked to make sure I got everything done but also didn't try to push or prod too much. You made the whole process quick and easy with fantastic results. 

How do you feel about your new site? 

I have all my best work in one shiny new package and it looks great (I feel very "adult" right now!) I'd absolutely recommend you to others. You're a gem.  


"I was worried about hiring a web designer because of the cost, but the results were fantastic. I now have all my best work in one shiny new package and it looks great."


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