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Meet Heidi Smith, the founder of Jurilogical, a legal services start-up based in London that offers consulting and courses to Barristers.

Read the condensed, edited interview below:

Cami: take me back to the beginning. Why did you start Jurilogical?

Heidi: I started in the legal services sector in 2011 working one-on-one with really senior barristers at the English bar. The gap I saw was that lawyers get trained in legal skills, but don’t learn the business skills they need to run a successful practice.

Cami: one of the interesting things for me about Jurilogical is that what you needed went far beyond a website. You needed a platform.

Heidi: Yes. That was the biggest challenge. Jurilogical serves three different types of barristers at three different points in their careers. We also offer a mix of 1:1 consulting, online courses, and digital products. Finding a way to present that in the cleanest, most accessible way possible was the core challenge.

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Cami: We did a lot of strategy work behind the scenes to arrive at a website that looks simple and streamlined.

Heidi: Exactly. We thought hard about the user journey. When someone comes to my site, where do they go next. And we talked a lot about navigation menu structure and calls to action. There was a lot of work that went into understanding the user experience and planning it from multiple points of view.

Now that I’m tracking the analytics, I can see they’re all following the user journey so I know that the investment made upfront in planning these out was really worthwhile.



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Cami: for me, that kind of in-depth planning and strategy is one of the things that separates a website that looks nice from a website that’s truly effective.

Heidi: That’s what we created and it’s working. And I don’t go through that awful website shame I had with my old site.

Cami: I love that you’re out of website shame. Can you tell me more about the reactions to the new site?

Heidi: I was at a big conference last week and I decided not to bring business cards. I thought I’d just get people on my site. All these really senior lawyers and law firms are pulling out their phones and going “wow, this is a great idea.”

I've got three consulting interviews lined up as a direct result of showing people this fabulous website.

Cami: I know you launched your online course for junior barristers recently.

Heidi: Yes, there are people in the program who have never met me. They’ve been to the website and seen the content and that’s enough to encourage them to put money down and be involved in the program. The website has been a fantastic sales tool and credibility builder.



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 Cami: what was your favorite part of the design process?

Heidi: The way you managed deadlines and communicated clearly where we were in the process and what my responsibilities were.

We launched the website on time. Exactly. To the day we agreed. So yeah, I can’t recommend you enough! You’re the only web designer I know who I’d like to work with.


“Cami delivered a beautiful website, on the day we agreed, to the exact price she quoted. Don’t do anything with your website until you’ve spoken to Cami. She’ll save you time, money, and sleepless nights. The website she creates will be just what your ideal clients want. ”

— HEIDI SMITH, Jurilogical

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