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Meet Faiven, an Eritrean-American actress who booked an AT&T commercial via her website.

About Faiven: 

Faiven is a successful actress and model based in NYC. As an actress, her credits include roles for companies like Lowe’s, Chevron, Dunkin’ Donuts, USPS, and Cadillac. As a model, she’s graced the cover of Vogue Knitting.

About the project:

Faiven's custom WordPress website was designed with her ideal website visitor in mind. On her homepage, we used a trio of eye-catching images above the fold to get her visitor’s attention. Next, the user has the chance to learn more about Faiven, see examples of her work, and contact her. These are the top three things a website visitor needs to do before hiring her.




Behind the scenes:

To learn more about the strategy behind Faiven’s website design, take a look at this behind the scenes video. You'll learn about the 5-step design process we used, as well as how to apply it to your own website.

The results: 

Within a few weeks of launching her new website, Faiven booked a role in an AT&T commercial. On set, the director told her that the clean, professional layout of her website made it easy to convince the executives at AT&T to hire her for the shoot. 


"I booked an AT&T Commercial based off my website! The director said my site was beautifully laid out and made it easy to sell his client on hiring me."


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