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Meet Darra Goldstein, an award-winning food scholar and historian, the author of 17+ books, and an acclaimed speaker at companies and museums around the world.

Cami: Why did you originally reach out about redesigning your website?

Darra: After I retired from 34 years of teaching at Williams College, I decided it was time for a makeover of sorts. I don’t mean my look or my hair or even my wardrobe. It was all about my presence on the Web.

My old website was functional but stale, and I wanted a site that was not just more beautiful, but one that would dynamically convey the range of my interests and abilities.

I was lucky enough to find you to design it. You’ve got a great sense of aesthetics and an amazing eye for color.



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Cami: Did anything surprise you in the process?

Darra: Yes, you taught me a lot about what it takes to create a successful website, one that communicates something beyond the mere facts.

Creating the site involved a lot of soul-searching to come up with a self-presentation that didn’t feel either too modest or too much in your face.

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Cami: What did you enjoy most about working together?

Darra: In pushing me to explore different aspects of my life, your enthusiasm was boundless. Not only did you take care of all the computer coding and other nitty-gritty tasks, you immersed yourself in my work to get a fuller sense of what I do.


“Cami has a great sense of aesthetics and her enthusiasm was boundless. Not only did she take care of all the coding and other nitty-gritty tasks, she immersed herself in my work to get a fuller sense of what I do.”


Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design
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