No connections, no clients, no industry friends? No problem. Here’s how I fixed it and grew my web design business quickly

When I left my corporate job and started my web design business, I wrote a list of things I’d never do again. It included riding the subway at rush hour, wearing Banana Republic pencil skirts, and anything involving a name tag.

I pictured how great it would be to work with just me and my laptop.

I started doing everything I thought I was “supposed” to for growing an online business. Instagram, Facebook, redesigning my website a million times — the list goes on.

The thing is, despite all the time and money I put towards those tactics, nothing was happening.

With no connections, no industry friends, and no clients, gaining traction as a new designer was tough.

So, I took a step back and asked myself: what would it look like if growing my business felt easy?

No connections, no clients, no industry friends? No problem. Here’s how I fixed it and grew my web design business quickly.

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Since asking myself that question, I’ve chosen to build my business the simple way through genuine relationships, rather than the latest marketing tactic.

Today, I think of things like webinars and social media as amplification tools. They’re the digital gasoline that helps my business burn bright, but it’s my relationships that keep the fire going.


The idea of building genuine relationships sounds nice, but let’s get more specific.

You probably have some questions like…

  • Where do I meet people?

  • How do I network without feeling gross?

  • How do I put myself out there?

  • Where does my website and social media fit into all this?

Well, listen up because I’m answering all those questions and more in this episode of the One Simple Shift Podcast hosted by my friend Amanda Dennelly.

Tune in to find out all the details about how I use relationships to grow my business:

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • How to shift your mindset around getting visible in your business and why it matters

  • The one simple thing I did after meeting Amanda to nurture a brief conversation at a conference into a genuine, long-term friendship

  • How to let go of awkwardness at in-person events and how to approach them instead

  • What it means to network for the “right” reasons (plus an amazing Bachelor analogy)

  • How use events and conferences to grow your business even if you’re an introvert

As for that list of things I swore I'd never do again? 

I'm happy to say that I haven't ridden a rush hour train or worn a pencil skirt in years. But I have learned to love events involving name tags. 


Want even more specifics? I’ve got a pitch-free masterclass for you called “The introvert’s guide to getting clients at live events.”

Join me and business coach Eryn Morgan to learn exactly what to do before, during, and after an event to fill your calendar with clients. Pop your details in below and I’ll send you the replay!

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