Use this one weird trick to improve your website's conversions and attract more clients, customers, and fans

When a visitor lands on your site you’ve got less than three seconds to capture their attention.

If you want your traffic to convert into subscribers, buyers, and clients, they’re going to need to stick around for longer than 3 seconds, which means crafting an effective homepage.

Why? Because your homepage is most often the first page people see when they come to your website.

Introducing the grandma test, a weird but simple trick that’ll help you improve your homepage so that visitors stay longer — and eventually become clients!

Here’s how the grandma test works:

  • Open up your homepage in a new tab and read it over.

  • Imagine you’re reading it to your grandma (or my grandma, who’s 93)

  • Would she understand what you offer, to who, and why they should care?

  • If not, where is your homepage confusing? Is it the copy, the design, or both?


Here’s an example:

Homepage #1 fails the grandma test. It says:

“I’m a growth strategist for visionary entrepreneurs following their passions”

Um, sorry, what? There’s no way your grandma is going to understand that one. I don’t even understand it, and neither does the person who wrote it. It’s basically gibberish.

Homepage #2 passes the grandma test. It says:

“I’m a coach who works with project managers, designers, and copywriters to help them get booked out with 3-6 months of clients in advance.” 

Your grandma might not know what “coaching” or “copywriting” is, but this description is clear enough that' she’ll get the point. Ahh! So much better, right?

To get subscribers and clients through your website, clear copy combined with clear design is key.

If your homepage doesn’t pass the grandma test, you’ll need to adjust the copy and design to make it clearer, simpler, and more direct.

Steal this quick writing formula to help:

“Hi, I’m ____. I do ____ for ____ to help them ____.”

Camille FareyComment