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Oh hello again!
I'm Cami, and I'd love to get better acquainted.


‘Round my corner of the internet, I’m known for thoughtful design and helping clients dig deep to find their bright North Star of clarity.

Day to day, I help damn cool business owners like you take their websites from bootstrapped to breathtaking with a blend of sleek design and whip-smart strategy.

That means over the years, I’ve had the privilege of changing the game for award-winning photographers, authors of 17+ cookbooks, speakers, coaches, consultants, and so much more.

If you’ve got a unique way of making things for the world? You’re my cup of tea. As you might expect: I’m completely obsessed with what I do.

Mockup of Melonie Collmann's website by Camille Farey Design

However, I’ll be real with you: I don’t believe the world needs another “pretty website."

We don’t need more over-designed sites with colors, fonts, and photos that are just decoration.

We don’t need more of the same messaging, copy, and concepts your industry idols use with a different name slapped on ‘em.

What we really need is… you.

More specifically: A website that highlights the absolute best bits of you and your business, woven together with crystal clear content and a step-by-step strategy that takes your customers from where they are today to where they can’t wait to be.  

Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

That’s where ‘thoughtful design’ comes in. 

I relish crafting websites down to the last detail; tailoring the user experience, fonts, content, visuals, and colors to perfectly suit who you are, and the way you love to serve (and sell).

Together, we’ll take all your huge ideas, goals, and aspirations and thread them together into a delightfully streamlined, prioritized package your audience will love. 

Ready to get started?

Ron Clifford

“Cami took me from website shame to ‘man, I’m proud to send you there!’ And the stats back it up: I saw my email opt-ins increase by 43% and my website visits increase by 300%!”

— RON CLIFFORD, photographer

Curious to know how I got here?

I cut my creative teeth in the art world at The David Zwirner Gallery, Christie's, and The Met.

(Yes, that ‘Met’ —the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.)

While I spent my days with some of the smartest, most interesting colleagues and coworkers I could imagine, there was one tiny problem:

I looked around and realized I didn’t want any of their jobs.

Uh oh. 

The Met Museum

I didn’t want to feel like a cog in the wheel. I didn’t want to work on projects so vast, with timelines so long, that I didn’t see their end results or their starting point.

I wanted to be present with the people I worked with. To facilitate change. To test ideas and create beautiful things for the world that mattered.

So I did what most of us  do when that wave of doubt hits: I went looking for my purpose — and promptly hopped on the “find your passion” pyramid scheme (my favorite Laura Belgrayism).

And I went… a whole lot of nowhere. For years.

Eventually, I'd had enough of stasis. Since I couldn't find the answers at home, I decided to hit the road. 

I never did “find my passion” in the traditional digital-guru sense, but I found something better: curiosity.

I spent 5 months traveling solo around the world making discoveries, leaning into my curiosity, and soaking in every culture and creative spark I came across.

Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

Around that time, I started a travel blog (I know, know) to capture my musings and wanderings... which meant learning how to design and code my very first website. 

That's when it happened.

As I fiddled with perfecting the colors and graphics and fonts, and learning how to code, I fell head-over-heels in love with web design.

I quickly began to devour design and coding classes with the kind of energy that only comes when you finally connect with the feeling of fun, fascination, and satisfaction you’ve been chasing.

I realized that with the power to create websites, I could give gorgeous form and shape to ideas, to dreams, to change, and to pretty much anything I could imagine.

That was it. I was hooked.

Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

Then I flew back to New York City. After paying rent, I had just under $400 in my bank account. Gulp.

What was I going to do?

I didn’t want  a full time job — all my traveling taught me I relished my freedom far too much. I wanted to choose who I worked with, and how. I wanted to serve extraordinary people, and help them create more extraordinary things for their customers, audiences, and the world.

Lucky for me, I landed my first web design client shortly after… and I adored every minute.

I loved our 1-1 connection. I was wildly inspired by the work she did. I couldn’t get enough of watching the results blossom from our time together, and seeing just how much of a difference a clean, clear website could make —a satisfaction I never got to relish in my art world days.

Then, another client slipped into my inbox. And another.

… And the rest is history.


Cami Farey, web designer and strategist at Camille Farey Design

Nowadays, I get to work with phenomenal business owners.

They’re rebels. Renegades. Entrepreneurs who do business their own way, because they value their freedom and their work just that much.

They’re anything but “normal” — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m so proud to be a part of their universe, and help them serve more, scale higher, and do what they do even better.

Sound like your kind of time?

Our work together can start right here, right now.

Maggie McElroy

"Before hiring Cami, I didn't want to show my website because of embarrassment. Today, I'm happily sharing my site - it feels awesome!"

— maggie mcelroy, coach

Want more deets?

I thought you'd never ask! Just for fun, here are 7 things you should know about me...

The Bachelor Logo

I adore the worst reality TV

And by "worst" I mean best. Real Housewives of New York? The Bachelor? Yeah, you can catch me on my couch with a glass of wine taking in all the drama. 

Suitcase and travel items

I grew up all over the world

In Mexico, the U.K.,  France, Switzerland, D.C., and finally New York. The accent? I've been told it's charmingly British-ish, but I'll let you decide.  

Puzzle items

I’m a famously good figure-outer

Once our family car got trapped in a public parking garage on Christmas Eve. I managed to wiggle under the gate, wrangle it open, and drive the car ‘round the front. It was my first-time behind the wheel.

RuPaul Charles

I’m a RuPaul evangelist

Drag Race is my favorite show. Where else can you get pop culture and reality drama blended with jaw-dropping artistry and deep vulnerability? All delivered with a wink, nudge, and lots o' glitter.


I tend to geek out hard on all things internet marketing

Yep, that means I’m that girl watching webinars on the treadmill at the gym. Because treadmills are boring but selling things online is fun #nerdalert

Girls Who Code and Kiva are two organizations I support

I love using the work I do to give back

Learning tech and entrepreneurial skills changed my life and I'm proud to support future female business owners through Girls Who Code and Kiva

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